Gallery 121
121 Clear Creek Road,
Bathurst New South Wales
02 6337 6682


Gallery 121 studio

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Marjo Carter


121 Clear Creek Road,
Bathurst NSW 2795
Phone: 02 6337 6682

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Drivers: Important Note To Ensure You Find Us!

Please note that the Google map shown here as well as onboard navigators do not recognise the final stretch of road – Clear Creek.

Your navigator or this google map (if you use the directions function) will tell you that the final stretch of road is 11.1 kms along Limekilns road to your destination. It is at this point that you must look for the Clear Creek Rd turn off on your right – the vital piece of missing info! From here, then continue to 121 Clear Creek Road.

We have also included a drawn map that shows this if you Click here.